Oh God Kanye Is Really on the Ballot in Oklahoma | SPIN


Oh God Kanye Is Really on the Ballot in Oklahoma | SPIN

Just when you think he was out, he pulls you back in.

Despite the report from the Intelligencer that Kanye West was done with his presidential campaign, it turns out that was wrong. The AP reports that West has filed and will be on the Oklahoma presidential ballot. It was the first state where he’s qualified to be on the ballot. A rep for the rapper-turned-presidential candidate paid the $35,000 filing on the last day he was eligible to file.

West joins concert pianist Jade Simmons and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce as the independent candidates to pay the filing fee.

Earlier in the week, the first national poll with West’s inclusion had him 2% of the vote, which isn’t getting him elected because math. Interestingly, when he was included in that poll, West took votes away from President Trump. His ballyhooed announcement on the 4th of July shocked many, but it won him the instant support of new pal Elon Musk.

After granting a dizzying interview with Forbes where also he said he was an anti-vaxxer and had COVID-19, Musk reeled back his support. Welcome to Earth, Elon.

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