A.K. Paul – "Hungry Beat"


A.K. Paul – "Hungry Beat"

A. K. Paul, brother of Jai, has released a new song, “Hungry Beat,” which he says was made during lockdown. The new song accompanies the launch of a new Instagram account for Paul, which notes: “Link to a beat made in lockdown below and in bio. This is for the heads – thank you for following me and repping me even though I haven’t put music out in a while.”

A.K.’s string of releases has been almost as sporadic as his brother’s, who finally officially put out his leaked album last year. A few years ago, they started the Paul Institute online label, which has only released a handful of tracks since it started. Earlier in 2020, A. K. was involved in a song on the latest Everything Is Recorded album from XL founder Richard Russell.

Listen to “Hungry Beat” below.

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