Arca – "Time"


Arca – "Time"

Last month, Arca released “Nonbinary,” the first proper single from her upcoming new album KiCk i. Today, she’s announcing its official release date (6/26) and sharing its tracklist, which features guest spots from Björk, Rosalía, SOPHIE, and Shygirl. She’s also got a new song for us, the dreamy and uneasy “Time.” “I know you want it/ Time/ To let it out/ It’s time,” Arca sings on it, her voice smearing over itself, synths throbbing with desire.

The track comes attached to a video directed by MANSON and shot while Arca was in New York City for last year’s Mutant;Faith show. Arca gets transfixed by a demon, connected by a laser-light sent through their forehead. It’s weird and a little gross and also oddly romantic, as they hop in a limousine and drive off into the late-night streets.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Nonbinary”
02 “Time”
03 “Mequetrefe”
04 “Riquiqui”
05 “Calor”
06 “Afterwards” (Feat. Björk)
07 “Watch” (Feat. Shygirl)
08 “KLK” (Feat. Rosalía)
09 “Rip The Slit”
10 “La Chíqui” (Feat. SOPHIE)
11 “Machote”
12 “No Queda Nada”

KiCk i is out 6/26 via XL. Pre-order it here.

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