Deradoorian – "It Was Me"


Deradoorian – "It Was Me"

After singing in Dirty Projectors years ago, Angel Deradoorian has built up a solo career under her own name. Earlier this year, she announced she would soon return with her second full-length, Find The Sun. So far we’ve heard “Saturnine Night” and “Monk’s Robes.” Today, Deradoorian is back with another one.

Titled “It Was Me,” it might be the darkest, spaciest song of the bunch so far. Over tumbling percussion and quietly droning guitar churns, Deradoorian sings in a ghostly echo coming in from the distance. “What do you want to know about meditation?/ What do you want to know about the brain?/ I only went looking for these things/ When I knew I was going insane,” Deradoorian sings in the first verse. Find The Sun was inspired by a Vipassana meditation retreat through which Deradoorian started to come to a different sense of herself after suffering through a traumatic period of her life. “It Was Me” taps right into that experience and that transformation.

“It Was Me” also comes with a black and white animated video, directed by Rebecca Hac. Check it out below.

Find The Sun is out 5/22 via Anti-. Pre-order it here.

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