Fenne Lily Recruits Lucy Dacus For New Single "Berlin": Listen


Fenne Lily Recruits Lucy Dacus For New Single "Berlin": Listen

Bristol upstart Fenne Lily will release BREACH, her second album and first since signing to Dead Oceans, two months from now. She’s shared some impressive selections from the album thus far, as well as “Hypochondriac,” which isn’t on the album but is also impressive. Today she released “Berlin,” billed as the new album’s focal point, and guess what? Impressive!

“Berlin” is one of those songs you just know is going to explode into something bigger. Initially it rolls along casually, melancholy and low-key but brimming with potential energy. Gradually and subtly, that energy becomes kinetic, until the song reaches its electric climax as Lily and guests Lucy Dacus and Ali Chant repeat the refrain “It’s not hard to be alone anymore.”

Lily offered this statement about “Berlin” and its lyric video by Henry Dunbar:

When I was 21 I spent a month alone in Berlin. While I was there, I recorded everything I did as a voice note or in a sketchbook, even if it was boring. On the plane ride home, my phone packed up and I lost all my song ideas from my trip. Initially, it felt as though I’d lost a part of my brain, but gradually pieces started to come back to me. To help the remembering process, I tried to picture all the things that surrounded me during my time alone in Berlin. The more I pictured these mundane objects, the more lost ideas I could remember. This song was one of these ideas. When it came to deciding on a video for it, I’d recently had a dream about an illustrated man eating his own brain for breakfast and, on the same day, was introduced to Henry’s animated short film ‘Pollock’. His work and my dream were impossible to ignore in their similarities and so this video was born. It reflects both the comfort and claustrophobia of the everyday, and how company can be found in everything when you’re left with only yourself and an alien place. The umbrella made me cry – I kind of hope it helps you do the same.

Check it out below.

BREACH is out 9/18 on Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.

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