Half Gringa – "Afraid Of Horses" (Feat. Gia Margaret)


Half Gringa – "Afraid Of Horses" (Feat. Gia Margaret)

Next month, the Chicago musician Isabel Olive will release a new album as Half Gringa, Force To Reckon, the follow-up to her 2017 debut Gruñona. A couple weeks ago, she shared lead single “1990” from it and today she’s back with “Afraid Of Horses,” a gorgeous and billowing song that features contributions from fellow Chicago rising star Gia Margaret. “I’ve been bad at listening/ My plans were talking too loud,” Olive sings here. “Finally finished a blueprint/ After years of throwing them out.”

Olive had this to say about the track:

Many of the songs on this record are talking about more than one event or situation that overlaps or is related to another in some way – when I started writing ‘Horses’ I thought it was different, it’s an apology to one specific person. But the more distance I get from writing it, the more I realize it’s also about trying to understand my own emotional landscape and its power. It scares me a little, but I’m also in awe of it, in the way that nature is awesome and beautiful and scary. It’s like trying to understand my own nature and honor and respect it without letting it terrify me. I wanted the arrangement to feel like it’s really getting you to run away with it, and I asked Gia if she’d sing on it because of how different our voices are – together, they sound like a lot of the duality I feel inside.

Listen below.

Force To Reckon is out 8/28. Pre-order it here.

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