Kero Kero Bonito – "It's Bugsnax!"


Kero Kero Bonito – "It's Bugsnax!"

Last month during a Playstation 5 reveal event, we heard a little bit of a new Kero Kero Bonito song called “It’s Bugsnax!,” which was written for the video game Bugsnax that will be out in time for the holiday season and the launch of Sony’s latest console. Today, the trio have shared the full version of their theme song, a bouncy and bright song inspired by the game’s weird and cute anthropomorphic food items.

“Kinda bug and kinda snack/ Try to catch ‘em in your trap,” Sarah Perry sings on it. “Feed somebody and you’ll see/ We are whatever we eat.” There’s talk of Grumpuses and Snaktooth Island and keeping track of things in journals, which I assume will make more sense once one plays the game.

Check it out below.

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