Kitten – "Angelina"


Kitten – "Angelina"

The pop-rock band Kitten hail from Los Angeles, and their new song makes sure you know it. “Angelina” is not a misspelling of Angelena — as in a female resident of Los Angeles — but it might as well be.

The track is peppered with references to local highways such as “the 101″ and “the 405,” as ensconced in the national imagination by SNL’s recurring “The Californians” sketch. There’s also this chorus: “Top down, Pasadena/ Got me feelin’ like a young Angelina/ Got the radio on, Christina/ Got me feelin’ like a young Angelina.” As you can see, Kitten have referenced the home of the Rose Bowl! And they’ve named their song for Hollywood native Angelina Jolie. Christina Aguilera, however, is from New York City. Kitten: Rethink this!

Minor inconsistencies aside, “Angelina” is a catchy, effervescent tune, yet another reminder of this band’s underrated appeal. On Twitter, Kitten write, “Our stupid is song out right now it sucks whatever you do, DO NOT listen to this.”

Listen below.

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