Lande Hekt – "Whiskey"


Lande Hekt – "Whiskey"

Lande Hekt fronts the fearsome Band To Watch Muncie Girls, who have released two albums — 2016’s From Caplan To Belsize and 2018’s Fixed Ideals — and a B-sides EP, The Point, which came out earlier this year. She also puts out music on her own. Last fall, she released her first solo EP, Gigantic Disappointment, and early next year she’ll put out her debut full-length, Going To Hell.

The songs she writes are typically tumbling and analytical and, while they sound great bolstered by the power of Muncie Girls, they lend themselves just as well to stripped-back fare, and the album’s lead single, “Whiskey,” puts a focus on her words. The song is a series of questions, fears made realized and solidified but still tentative. “Is it whiskey, is it beer, is it all the things I fear?” she sings. “Is it knowing when you’ve had enough, is knowing when you’re not gonna fall in love?”

“This song is essentially about how there were so many things that didn’t feel right in my life,” Hekt said in a statement. “It’s about learning how to come to terms with being gay or, more accurately, realising that pretending you’re not gay can’t go on forever.”

Listen below.

01 “Whiskey”
02 “80 Days Of Rain”
03 “Hannover”
04 “Winter Coat”
05 “Undone”
06 “December”
07 “Stranded In Berlin”
08 “Impending Doom”
09 “Candle”
10 “Going To Hell”
11 “In The Darkness”

Going To Hell is out 1/22 via Get Better Records. Pre-order it here.

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