Lydia Loveless – "Love Is Not Enough"


Lydia Loveless – "Love Is Not Enough"

The four years since Real have been a time of constant personal change for sharp-tongued country-rocker Lydia Loveless. She got divorced from her husband and longtime bassist. She moved from her home state of Ohio to North Carolina. She parted ways with Bloodshot Records after accusing the label of enabling sexual harassment. All that upheaval informed the album she’ll self-release this fall through her new label Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late.

Daughter got its name from all the male public figures who condemn abusive behavior “as a father of daughters.” Loveless had ended her marriage, moved away from her family, and had no desire for kids, “so defining myself as a daughter or sister didn’t bring me much comfort.” Loveless recorded the album with several longstanding collaborators and producer Tom Schick at Wilco’s Loft studio in Chicago. Laura Jane Grace contributed vocals to “September.” And today we get to hear lead single “Love Is Not Enough,” which Loveless explains in the following statement:

It’s a response to the old-fashioned idea that love is all you need as opposed to understanding, or give and take. On a larger scale, it’s about people who say things like ‘love trumps hate’ and take zero action to make it true. It’s not enough to ‘feel’ the emotion of love to make things work whether it’s in your own personal relationships or the way you interact with the world.

Listen below.

01 “Dead Writer”
02 “Love Is Not Enough”
03 “Wringer”
04 “Can’t Think”
05 “Say My Name”
06 “Never”
07 “Daughter”
08 “When You’re Gone”
09 “September”
10 “Don’t Bother Mountain”

Daughter is out 9/25 on Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Megan Toenyes
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