Matmos – “lo! Lavendar River Karez” (Feat. Yo La Tengo)


Matmos – “lo! Lavendar River Karez” (Feat. Yo La Tengo)

Next month, the long-running experimental electronic duo Matmos will come out with a new album, and it’s a big one. The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form is a three-hour triple album, and like every Matmos album before it, it’s built around a playful concept. This time, Matmos brought in contributions from 99 different musicians, and they got all of those musicians to do whatever they wanted, as long as they did it at a tempo of 99 beats per minutes, with Matmos then re-sculpting the result. We’ve already posted the lead single “No Concept,” a collaboration with clipping. and David Grubbs, and the final album will also feature the work of people like Oneohtrix Point Never, Marisa Anderson, Mouse On Mars, and Matthew Herbert, among many others.

Today, Matmos have shared two new example of how this album might sound. One of those songs is called “lo! Lavendar River Karez,” and it’s a team-up with Matmos’ fellow veteran travelers Yo La Tengo, who just released their own recent experimental work, the EP We Have Amnesia Sometimes. “lo! Lavendar River Karez” is a seven-minute glob of formless, undulating sound that only barely features vocals — studio chatter, not singing — and that never coheres into any kind of structure. Listen below.

Matmos have also shared another track form the album, and it’s a firmly different one. “I’m On The Team” is a short team-up with a few different artists: Progressive dance duo Giant Swan, experimental electronic producer Rabit, and bedroom-pop tinkerer Max Tundra. This track is built around dance-music drum-machine play, though those sounds explode in a bunch of different disorienting directions. Check it out below.

The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form is out 8/21 via Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

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