Nekra – "Esquire" & "Red Room"


Nekra – "Esquire" & "Red Room"

As of now, the London hardcore band Nekra’s discography consists of a searing, righteously angry 2017 demo and a 2019 compilation one-off called “Dad.” In less than 10 minutes of music, they’ve established an identity: shouty and combative, blisteringly fast, in and out in well under two minutes.

Next month they’ll add a proper EP called Royal Disruptor. It’s mastered by Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco, who shared this note on Bandcamp: “Nekra’s ripping and long awaited follow up to their demo blisters and pummels through five tracks of punishing punk. Tight tempo changes bracket blasted, buzzing guitars, rumbling bass, reckless drumming, and powerful vocals. Five tracks and no mercy!”

Nekra are sharing two songs from the EP today ahead of its release next month, “Esquire” and “Red Room.” Rip into them below.

Royal Disruptor is out 12/15 on La Visa Es Us Mus. Pre-order it here.

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