No Thank You – "Enough"


No Thank You – "Enough"

No Thank You, the Philadelphia rock band led by Kaytee Della Monica, have released two albums so far — 2017’s Jump Ship and 2018’s All It Takes To Ruin It All — and today they’re announcing a third, Embroidered Foliage. With each album, their sound has gotten progressively darker, and lead single “Enough” is a billowing cloud of booming drums and rushing guitars. “All I wanted was you to be in love enough to earn my trust,” Della Monica sings at its climax. “Is enough enough? Is it ever enough? It’s never enough.” Check it out below.

01 “Saturn Return”
02 “Strange & Wonderful”
03 “Embroidered Foliage”
04 “Eden”
05 “Tracing”
06 “Letter Writing Contest”
07 “Everything Or Nothing”
08 “Airport”
09 “Enough
10 “Leo Moon”

Embroidered Foliage is out 10/23 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it here.

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