Primitive Blast Release Impossibly Hard New EP 'Animalistic': Stream


Primitive Blast Release Impossibly Hard New EP 'Animalistic': Stream

There’s something to be said for truth in advertising. For example: Animalistic, the new EP from the Sydney hardcore band Primitive Blast. I don’t need to tell you shit about Animalistic. The band is called Primitive Blast. The EP is called Animalistic. The cover art is the chaotic black-ink-and-Xerox nightmare that you see above. You already know everything that you could possibly need to know.

You can probably already figure out, from the available information, that Primitive Blast’s sound will be fast and grimy and violent. You already know that they’ll sound unhinged and freaked-out but also tough as hell. You know that the singer will deliver all his lyrics in a feral grunt and that most of the lyrics will either be about fighting or about total societal collapse. You probably have a pretty good idea that the six songs will be over in 10 minutes or less. And you know that it will absolutely fucking rule. You will be exactly right on all of these counts.

Primitive Blast have been a band for about five years, and they’ve got one self-titled EP and a few assorted demo cassettes and things like that floating around. Animalistic is their first record for Triple B, the American hardcore label that basically only puts out fire. It’s great. Listen to it below.

The Animalistic EP is out now on Triple B Records.

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