Steady Holiday – “Living Life”


Steady Holiday – “Living Life”

Dre Babinski released her last album as Steady Holiday, Nobody’s Watching, in 2018. Since then, she’s covered a Christmas classic and a Weezer song and today she’s back with one of her own in advance of a full-length album that’s coming out next year.

New single “Living Life” is a chiming affirmation, its sound landing somewhere between a slowed-down “Mr. Brightside” and the Twin Peaks theme, which feels in the crosshairs of the vibe Babinski has been honing into these last few years. The verses are all built around little observations, scenes and encounters that encourage you to keep going. Its chorus is simple but delivered with an infectious excitement for the small things that provide definition and clarity: “This is living life/ This is who I am tonight.”

“‘Living Life’ might be the most straightforward song I’ve written, and it’s about living with that same intention — doing things that come naturally, and not getting in your own way,” Babinski said in a statement. “The video is meant to capture that sentiment too. Be humble and direct, and appreciate moments as they happen.”

Check it out below.

“Living Life” is out now.

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