Take Offense Release New EP 'Cause & Effect': Stream


Take Offense Release New EP 'Cause & Effect': Stream

Right now, a whole lot of bands are pulling inspiration from the late-’80s period where hardcore and thrash metal crossed the streams and fused into one fast, angry, chest-thumping beast. Take Offense have been doing that style for a whole lot longer than most. Take Offense come from the California city of Chula Vista, and they’ve been carrying the torch for classic Suicidal Tendencies-style moshpit wreckers for a decade and a half.

Late last year, Take Offense released Keep An Eye Out, their first proper full-length in six years. It ripped. They also did a whole lot of touring, opening up on a Napalm Death/Sick Of It All/Municipal Waste jaunt that I really wish I’d seen. Considering all that, nobody would be made if Take Offense took some time to chill. Instead, they’re hurtling on. Today, they’ve released Cause & Effect, a truly ferocious new three-song EP.

Compared to Keep An Eye Out, the Cause & Effect EP is less metal and less polished. It’s fast and raw and grimy, and it leans way harder on the band’s hardcore side, though there are some great shred-happy, divebomb-heavy guitar solos in there as well. Stream the new EP below.

The Cause & Effect EP is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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