Throwing Muses – “Bo Diddley Bridge”


Throwing Muses – “Bo Diddley Bridge”

Earlier this year, Throwing Muses, the great long-running Boston alt-rock band, announced plans to release their new album Sun Racket, and they shared the intense and gorgeous opening track “Dark Blue.” Then things happened. Sun Racket, the first Throwing Muses album since 2013’s Purgatory/Paradise, was supposed to be out by now. We’re still waiting, but now Throwing Muses have set a new release date. They’ve also shared “Bo Diddley Bridge,” another great new track.

“Bo Diddley Bridge” does not have a Bo Diddley beat, as cool as that would be. Instead, it’s a thick, enveloping, atmospheric jam with a whole lot of teeth. The song gets a whole lot out of bandleader Kristin Hersh’s tough, instinctive wail, which has been one of the greatest sounds in American underground rock for decades. Check out “Bo Diddley Bridge” below.

Sun Racket is now due for release 9/4 on Fire Records. Check out our 2018 feature on Kristin Hersh here.

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