Rachel Platten Returns With Uplifting Anthem “Soldiers”

Rachel Platten Interview If anyone can lift our spirits in 2020, it’s Rachel Platten. After all, that’s kind of her thing. From 2015’s all-conquering “Fight Song” to “Stand By You,” there’s something unmistakably inspirational about the singer/songwriter’s music. That’s particularly true of her new single. “Soldiers,” the first taste of Rachel’s third or fifth album […]


Loma – “Don’t Shy Away” & “I Fix My Gaze”

Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record teamed up with Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg in 2017, forming a trio called Loma and releasing a self-titled record. Next month, they’re following it up with a new one called Don’t Shy Away, recorded at Duszynski’s house in rural Texas, and they’ve already shared two very good tracks […]


Hypoluxo – "Nimbus"

Last month, the nervy Brooklyn group Hypoluxo returned with a new single, “Ridden.” It was their first release via Terrible Records’ Flexible Distribution, after a pretty negative run with an old label that, as the story behind “Ridden” goes, almost killed the band. But they survived, and they are in fact coming back with a […]

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