Ruston Kelly – "Brave"

Since the release of his stellar debut album Dying Star in 2018, country balladeer extraordinaire Ruston Kelly has given us an EP called Dirt Emo Vol. 1 that stretched the definition of “emo” to include Blink-182, Taylor Swift, and the Carter Family. (It also included Dashboard Confessional’s more indisputably emo “Screaming Infidelities,” about which he […]


Lido Pimienta Shares New Album 'Miss Colombia': Stream

Four years ago, the Colombian-born and Toronto-based artist Lido Pimienta won Canada’s Polaris Prize for her album La Papessa. This week, Pimienta will follow that one up with her new LP Miss Colombia, an album partly named for the famous 2015 gaffe where Steve Harvey messed up and gave the Miss Universe crown to Miss […]


Pure X – "Middle America" & "Fantasy"

When I bought a house in 2014, certain albums instantly became backyard staples. Records like Jenny Lewis’ The Voyager and Real Estate’s Atlas were the perfect soundtrack for sitting on the deck with a beer while the sun went down, easing into adulthood with some idyllic soft-rock from the indie realm. Another favorite from that […]


Watch M.I.A. Tease a New Song on Instagram

On Sunday, M.I.A. gave fans a special Easter present when she teased a new song on Instagram. Flushed with a heart filter, the singer danced and sang along to an unreleased track. She didn’t give many details about the tune, captioning the post with a simple “1,” but the post sent fans into a frenzy […]

New Records On Repeat

TIDAL: RZA vs DJ Premier

Bong Bong! Both the RZA and DJ Premier’s catalogue runs deep. And this evening, the Verzuz battle made its return with the most anticipated match up yet. Despite a couple of slight delays and a few sound quality issues from the RZA, the Abbott and Preemo went 20 rounds of their most memorable production including […]

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