Brockhampton – “M.O.B.” & “twisted”

Several members of the prolific rap boy band Brockhampton are quarantined together, and they’re hopping on a password-protected Twitch livestream called Technical Difficulties Radio every Friday to talk to fans and debut new music. Last Friday, we got the new songs “Things Can’t Stay The Same” and “N.S.T.” Yesterday, we got two more. The first […]


New Find: AJA Reinvents Herself With “Nerve”

AJA first made waves in 2017 as the voice of Gazzo’s “Heart Won’t Beat,” an upbeat dance-pop song that became an instant hit with Radio Disney. She followed that up with a couple of age-appropriate singles and a well-received debut EP called It’s Complicated. The 16-year-old now reinvents herself with “Nerve.” Edgier and more sophisticated […]


Devo to Sell Energy Dome Face Shield

Sensing an opportunity to protect the world from de-evolution, Devo is selling their trademark energy dome hats with a twist: A plastic face shield attached for COVID-19 protection. It’s a good thing. “The dome is solid and the attached shield is clear, but it’s what you can’t see that gets you!” a statement on the […]


New Video: Kamaiyah “Project Baby” | Rap Radar

Got coins? Kamaiyah kicks back in her comfort zone in the video to her new single. The release is part of her new music Friday series, starting today. Directed by Louie Knows, the Bay Area rapper hits a vacant laundry mat while rapping to Link Up’s West Coast beat. Elsewhere, she cruises the empty streets […]

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