Ashe Follows Up “Moral Of The Story” With “Save Myself”


Ashe Follows Up “Moral Of The Story” With “Save Myself”

Ashe & Niall’s ‘Moral Of The Story’

Ashe found herself with an unexpected viral hit when “Moral Of The Story” was featured in Netflix’s To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. That ditty went on to garner more than 300 million streams and eventually became the singer/songwriter’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. And that’s before Niall Horan jumped on the remix! It was always going to be hard to follow up a genuine phenomenon but Ashe proves up the challenge on “Save Myself,” an intensely-relatable breakup anthem.

“I know everything worked out the way it’s meant to be, but honestly if I had the chance I would take it back,” the 27-year-old admits on the pre-chorus. “Jumping off your sinking ship, instead of going down with it.” The honesty continues to flow on the chorus: “I could’ve saved myself, time and lots of money.” Talk about a mood. It turns out that there is a common thread between “Save Myself” and Ashe’s breakthrough hit. “I look at ‘Save Myself’ as the precursor to ‘Moral of the Story’ instead of the follow up,” she reveals.

“People say there are five stages of grief; I wrote ‘Moral Of The Story’ in the fifth stage of grieving my relationship: acceptance. ‘Save Myself’ (although, written post ‘Moral’) is about my second stage: anger. It means the world to have a chance to express the anger I felt in a healthy way, because whether we like it or not, our anger demands to be felt and let out.” Fall in love with Ashe’s “Save Myself” below.

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