SAYGRACE Speaks Her Mind On Soulful “Girl”


SAYGRACE Speaks Her Mind On Soulful “Girl”


Since rebranding as SAYGRACE, the Aussie soul singer has gone from strength to strength. Her debut EP (she released a very good album as Grace in 2016), the magnificently-titled The Defining Moments of SayGrace: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships, ranks as one of the year’s best and she now returns with a brand new track called “Girl.” Which is a raised middle-finger to societal expectations. “You prefer me in a skirt than these baggy jeans, and you don’t like all my Jordans so you buy heels for me,” the 23-year-old begins the song.

Grace continues to speak her mind as we approach the chorus. “Thinkin’ my body is all that I’m worth, that’s your definition of girls,” she sings over soulful beats. “But I’m not like them, sorry that I’m not like them.” What inspired the track? “My entire life I’ve essentially been told to express my femininity, sexuality and female form in a way that pleases other people and I’m honestly just really tired of it,” the “Boys Ain’t Shit” hitmaker reveals in the press release.

“I will not perpetuate the objectification women face by constantly taking on opinions from other people that frankly, we didn’t ask for,” she continues. “I get dressed, do my hair, talk the way I wanna talk, think the way I do and feel the way I feel for me, no one else.” Watch Grace’s “Girl” video below.

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