Forgetmyname Debuts With Back-to-Back Singles “Complex” & “High”

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Forgetmyname Debuts With Back-to-Back Singles “Complex” & “High”

Promising newcomer Nicole, a.k.a., Forgetmyname introduced two compelling debut songs this year. The independent recording artist first shared “Complex,” then  “High,” winning the public’s heart and collecting thousands of online streams, thanks to the effortless arrangement of alt-pop beats and her powerhouse vocals.

The bilingual musician stands out with her lyricism and musicality. The passionate lyrics and hypnotic synths reflect on the complex equation of toxic relationships as she sings: “You complex contradiction/ It seems you only love me from a distance/ Tell me you want me while you walk away/ And yet it’s you that’s begging me to stay/ You/ You complex contradiction/ You hear me but you never listen/ Always right yea/ I’m the one to blame/ What can I do to make you feel this way.”

Forgetmyname grew up in a musical environment. She accompanied her Peruvian uncle to his live shows when she was only five years old. Being exposed to various cultures at an early age, Nicole developed a distinct style inspired by her multicultural influences.

With “Complex” and “High” now out for the world to enjoy, Forgetmyname is only just starting. The Hispanic singer-songwriter is thrilled for what the future holds as she prepares to release new material and perform full-on live shows. 

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