0PN Announces New Album 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never': Hear 3 Tracks


0PN Announces New Album 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never': Hear 3 Tracks

Daniel Lopatin teased new Oneohtrix Point Never music earlier this week, and today he delivers on that tease in abundance. Turns out a new 0PN album called Magic Oneohtrix Point Never is coming next month, and Lopatin has shared its first three songs. This is how Lopatin fans win!

The album title was inspired by a misheard enunciation of Boston radio station Magic 106.7, so it’s only fitting that Lopatin’s opening troika is being billed as the Drive Time Suite. The songs therein — “Cross Talk I,” “Auto & Allo,” and “Long Road Home” — present 0PN’s signature woozy neoclassical electronic experimentalism at its best. Dude busted out a wild assortment of ingredients here; there are vocoders, a string section, abundant synths, a harpsichord, and more. Caroline Polachek contributes vocals to “Long Road Home.” It all really does sound like magic.

Hear Drive Time Suite below.

01 “Cross Talk I”
02 “Auto & Allo”
03 “Long Road Home”
04 “Cross Talk II”
05 “I Don’t Love Me Anymore”
06 “Bow Ecco”
07 “The Whether Channel”
08 “No Nightmares”
09 “Cross Talk III”
10 “Tales From The Trash Stratum”
11 “Answering Machine”
12 “Imago”
13 “Cross Talk IV” / “Radio Lonelys”
14 “Lost But Never Alone”
15 “Shifting”
16 “Wave Idea”
17 “Nothing’s Special”

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never is out 10/30 on Warp. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: David Brandon Geeting
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