A Certain Ratio – "Yo Yo Gi"


A Certain Ratio – "Yo Yo Gi"

At the end of June, the arty English post-punk vets A Certain Ratio announced a new album called ACR Loco. Following last year’s career-spanning retrospective ACR:BOX, it’s their first collection of new music in 12 years. So far we’ve heard the airy “Always In Love,” and today the group’s back with another preview of the album.

The latest glimpse of ACR Loco is a different beast entirely. “Yo Yo Gi” is a throbbing, techno-infused track. Primarily instrumental, it rides along insistent electronic grooves, big basslines, and a whole lot of cowbell. The whole thing is like a squelchy mind melt of a dance song, leaning way into the funkier side of A Certain Ratio’s sound.

The track comes with a video inspired by the Yoyogi neighborhood in Tokyo. The area, which the band had visited last year, also served as the namesake for the song — and the retro-futuristic pulse of the music fits perfectly with images from a foreign city on the other side of the world. Check it out below.

ACR Loco is out 9/25 via Mute.

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