Coma Regalia Release New Album 'Marked': Stream


Coma Regalia Release New Album 'Marked': Stream

Coma Regalia are a screamo band from Lafayette, Indiana, and they release a lot of music. Just a few months ago, the band — which has a shifting lineup always built around singer and guitarist Shawn Decker — released Vau Auspei, a career-spanning compilation that has 158 fucking songs on it. And as of now, Coma Regalia also have a new album, their sixth. It rules.

Anytime a band puts out this much music, especially as part of an underground scene, it can be a little intimidating to jump in. But as someone who never really paid Coma Regalia any mind before now, I can report that the brand-new album Marked is really good and that it’s worth your time.

On Marked, Coma Regalia play sincere, portentous ’90s-style screamo with lots of big, crashing chords and rushing fast parts and weird little bursts of prettiness. From time to time, they’ll let loose with a genuine hook like the one on “In Submission,” though the recording is sloppy and lo-fi enough that you know you’ll never hear them on the radio. This is a band that knows its sound and understands how to make you feel shit. Check out the album below.

Marked is out now on Middle-Man Records/Zegema Beach Records.

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