Corey Flood – "Heaven Or"


Corey Flood – "Heaven Or"

A couple years ago, the Philadelphia band Corey Flood released their debut EP, Wish You Hadn’t. The group, which is fronted by Ivy Gray-Klein — formerly of the underrated Littler, who recently re-emerged from two dead with two unreleased songs — are releasing their debut album, Hanging Garden, in a couple months.

Today, we’re getting its lead single, “Heaven Or,” an alluring sway of breezy guitars that feels a little queasy, like when you’re watching something bad happen but you’re incapable of stopping it. “I know what I saw,” Grey-Klein repeats in the chorus, insistent but ineffectual to enact change.

“This song touches on themes that ripple throughout the album, like getting stuck in cyclical thoughts and struggling to articulate emotions. There was a period when I was disassociating a lot and just felt so numb and passive to everything happening around me,” Gray-Klein said in a statement, continuing:

To try and counteract this I experimented with reckless choices just to try and feel something or ‘wake myself up,’ which was really at odds with my natural inclination towards caution. The refrain ‘I know what I saw’ is a sort of an internal monologue in the face of others’ shifting narratives. It’s an affirmation to myself that my experience is real, my knowledge can be trusted, I know what I saw.

Listen below.

01 “Heaven Or”
02 “Down The Hill”
03 “Hive Mind”
04 “Honey”
05 “Park Deli 7″
06 “Crush”
07 “Slow Breeder”
08 “Kind Stranger”
09 “Poppies”

Hanging Garden is out 9/4 via Fire Talk. Pre-order it here.

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