Coriky – “Too Many Husbands”


Coriky – “Too Many Husbands”

One Monday night a couple of weeks before quarantine hit, I got a text from a friend: “Ian MacKaye is playing in town tonight?” I knew nothing about this. I grabbed my coat, ran out the door, spent a few minutes frantically looking for parking, and walked into the venue, a former church strung with Christas lights. And sure enough, there he was: Ian MacKaye up on a stage with his new band, playing new music. No opening act, no cover charge, just a donation box for a local nonprofit and lyric sheets for all these songs I was hearing for the first time.

What I saw that night, I’m pretty sure, was Coriky’s first show outside their Washington, DC hometown. Coriky is Ian MacKaye’s new band, and its other two members are people who have been in bands with him in the past. MacKaye sings and plays guitar. Amy Farina, MacKaye’s partner in life and (former?) bandmate in their duo the Evens, sings and plays drums. Joe Lally, MacKayes’ former bandmate in Fugazi, sings and plays bass. The band sounds exactly like the Fugazi/Evens fusion that you might hope. They’re great.

Coriky played their first show in 2018, when they didn’t have a name yet. In February, they released a song called “Clean Kill,” and they announced that their self-titled debut album would be out in March. When quarantine hit, they changed plans; they didn’t want to release the album if independent record stores couldn’t sell it. Today, though, Coriky have said that the album will be out this summer. It’s got a release date and everything. They’ve also shared “Too Many Husbands,” a tense and percussive new song with a lead vocal from Farina. It slaps. Listen below.

Coriky is out 6/12 on Dischord Records. I can’t wait for the world to get to hear it.

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