Eleanor Friedberger – "Hell" & "The River" (Destroyer Covers)


Eleanor Friedberger – "Hell" & "The River" (Destroyer Covers)

Before live music — remember that? — became a purely hypothetical endeavor, Eleanor Friedberger opened a few shows on Dan Bejar’s tour in support of the new Destroyer album Have We Met. When Destroyer played Brooklyn Steel last month, right before the coronavirus hit, Friedberger came out during Bejar’s set to lead his band through two Destroyer songs, “The River” and “Hell.” And now, she’s shared demos of her covering those same two songs on Bandcamp.

“I thought I’d put out a digital EP of Destroyer covers before the tour started in February,” Friedberger writes in a statement. “I didn’t. There were too many favorites from Poison Season and it seemed like it would be an unfair, and slightly creepy amount of attention to that one album! But I did make some demos, and I’ll throw them up on Bandcamp now; the link is in the bio. First are ‘Hell’ and ‘The River.’ It was such a thrill to sing these songs with the band, and Dan was so generous to let me hog the stage. I wish we could be in the dressing room, drinking again, tonight.”

Listen to Friedberger’s takes on “Hell” and “The River” below.

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