EOB – “Cloak Of The Night” (Feat. Laura Marling)


EOB – “Cloak Of The Night” (Feat. Laura Marling)

Way back in December, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien announced his first-ever solo album. O’Brien’s new LP Earth, recorded under the name EOB, is coming out next week. Thus far, O’Brien has shared a number of solo songs: “Santa Teresa,” “Brasil,” “Shangri-La,” “Olympik.” Today, O’Brien has dropped a new one called “Cloak Of The Night,” and it’s a team-up with Laura Marling, another British musician who has a new album of her own about to come out.

At this point, we don’t quite know what Ed O’Brien’s sound is. His EOB tracks have wandered all over the stylistic map. But we do know what Laura Marling sounds like. For years, she’s been perfecting her hushed, intimate acoustic folk style. “Cloak Of The Night” might be a new EOB song, but it sounds a whole lot like a new Laura Marling song. It’s the two of them doing soft, soothing harmonies over a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, and it’s lovely.

Marling announced her own new album Song For Out Daughter over the weekend, and it’s coming out on Friday. It rules. “Cloak Of The Night” would’ve fit onto it quite nicely. Check out “Cloak Of The Night” below.

Earth is out 4/17 on Capitol. Pre-order it here.

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