Excide – “Actualize” & “Radiation Reel”


Excide – “Actualize” & “Radiation Reel”

Excide are a band whose members come from North and South Carolina, and their sound is a chunky, melodic, exciting take on hardcore. This is a band that knows how to groove and bounce, and they’ve got a way with vast, anthemic singalong choruses. But they also make some real blood-in-your-eyes mosh music. When I wrote about the band in my first month-in-hardcore column earlier this year, I called them “post-hardcore,” but that’s not quite right. It’s more that Excide’s version of hardcore isn’t just pure knucklehead thunder — though it’s got some of that, too.

Back in January, Excide released their three-song debut EP Two Of A Kind. Today, they’ve followed it up with the new two-song single “Actualize” b/w “Radiation Reel.” You can already hear the growth in the two releases. These new songs are tough and confident and fully-formed, and they kick a whole lot of ass. “Actualize,” in particular, recalls both Quicksand and Turnstile at once, and it’s got a breakdown that makes me want to throw myself out my own window. Check out the new jams below.

“Actualize” b/w “Radiation Reel” is out now on New Morality Zine.

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