Greta Morgan – "When The Sun Comes Up"


Greta Morgan – "When The Sun Comes Up"

Greta Morgan has put out music under a lot of different names over the years, including Springtime Carnivore and Gold Motel, since her days as one of the leaders of the underrated band the Hush Sound. Most recently, she’s been a part of Vampire Weekend’s live lineup since 2018 and played with them for their Father Of The Bride era shows. She’s just put out her first new song in 4 years, this time under her own name.

It’s called “When The Sun Comes Up” and it’s a moody and refined simmer that seems appropriate for the month of October. “I’m not afraid of seeing ghosts in the night/ I’m not afraid of the boogeyman running his hands down my spine,” Morgan sings. “I’m only afraid of the kind of darkness that doesn’t end when the sun comes up.” Check it out below.

“When The Sun Comes Up” is out now.

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