IAN SWEET – "Sword"


IAN SWEET – "Sword"

For the last few years, Jilian Medford has been making jagged rock songs as IAN SWEET. She’s put out two albums so far, 2016’s Shapeshifter and 2018’s Crush Crusher (previously, she put out scrappy demo tapes as just IAN).

Today, she’s back with a new song called “Sword,” which sands off some of the rough edges of her music in favor of gliding and glistening synths. Her lyrics still have that same pointedness, though, as Medford treats her body like a weapon. “My body is a sword/ It gets sharper when it gets ignored,” she sings, her voice full of yearning to be recognized.

“‘Sword’ is my Ultimate Fighter manifesto,” Medford said in a statement. “It was born from the dire need to end what felt like a relentless battle. A battle where I was constantly being disarmed. I imagined my body being both the shield and weapon to fight back against someone who wanted me to surrender.”

Listen below.

“Sword” is out now

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