Katy Perry – "Daisies"


Katy Perry – "Daisies"

Katy Perry has released a new single called “Daisies.” It’s billed as the lead single to her fifth album, the follow-up to 2017’s Witness. Her new album will be out 8/14.

“Daisies” is a sentimental song filled with scratchy acoustic guitars that lead into glistening synths. “They said I’m going nowhere, tried to count me out/ Took those sticks and stones, showed ‘em I could build a house/ They tell me that I’m crazy, but I’ll never let ‘em change me/ ‘Til they cover me in daisies, daisies, daisies,” she sings on the hook. The song was produced by the Monsters and Strangerz and written by Perry, Jon Bellion, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Michael Pollack and The Monsters’ Jordan K. Johnson and Stefan Johnson. (No Taylor Swift involvement, despite much speculation.)

Perry has released quite a few singles over the last twelve months, though it’s unclear if any of them will make the final cut for her new album. “Never Worn White,” which came out when she announced her pregnancy in March, might, but last year’s “Small Talk,” “Harleys In Hawaii,” and “Never Really Over” seem a little more unlikely.

Watch a video for “Daisies,” which was shot by Liza Voloshin while Perry was social distancing, below.

Perry talked about the song in an interview with Apple Music:

I wrote this song just like it’s another anthem for myself. I came out of a pretty dark time on Witness and I’ve been writing a record for two years. I wrote some of it while I was clinically depressed and trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. And when I’m writing songs like “Firework” or “Roar,” it’s not because I’m feeling hunky dory. It’s literally because I am having really dark thoughts and trying to come out of it. And my soul sends a message to my intellect, to my head. It says, “You’re going to get through it. You’ve gotten through it before. And here’s a nugget of inspiration, how you’re going to do it.” And it becomes a song and “Daisies” was just a nugget of inspiration for me to go, look, I don’t need to change. I will stay true to my past. Maybe that won’t be popular at times, but I will stay consistent with who I am. I will keep pushing myself musically, as a human being to evolve every single day. And I will continue to travel on the road less traveled no matter what people say.

This song has definitely taken on a new meaning in quarantine times. I think it’s been a time to reflect and a time that we realize maybe we took a lot of things for granted and didn’t have the gratitude about certain simple things. And hopefully, when we all get out of this, we will appreciate and be grateful for our freedom. And we will go after life like never before knowing that it can be taken all away.

“Daisies” is out now via Capitol.

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