Laura Veirs – “Another Space and Time”


Laura Veirs – “Another Space and Time”

The reliably great songwriter Laura Veirs is releasing a new album, My Echo, next month. She’s shared two songs from it so far, “Burn Too Bright” and “Turquoise Walls,” and today she’s sharing the apocalyptically-minded “Another Space And Time,” which is about finding solitude even when it feels like everything is collapsing down around you, which this year it certainly has been. “In another space and time/ When California’s not burning/ And the seas don’t rise/ I’ll meet you there,” she sings.

Veirs had this to say about the song and video:

This is the first time I’ve danced in a music video. I loved dancing in it! It was choreographed by a Portland-based Brazilian dancer named Nelson Euflauzino (who also appears in the video). It was shot by an 18-year old music video director named Twixx Williams. The dancers you see here are friends of mine (not professional dancers). We did all of the rehearsing and shooting socially-distanced and outside over the Covid summer of 2020. The outfits were made by a local stylist named Alethea Dalton (the dress I’m wearing is an old vintage dress owned by Alethea but she made the other dresses).

I love the surrealistic elements that come into play in this video. In these lyrics I desire an escape from the way things are right now. In this “other space and time” California’s NOT burning, people DO have peace of mind, the internet is DEAD (and people are present with each other in real life instead of living on screens). This song is a dream that we can and will live in a more peaceful, loving world – and a world with more personal freedoms, too. I love how these wishes are embodied in the movements of the dancers. We look free and happy because we were!

Watch and listen below.

My Echo is out 10/23 Veirs’ Raven Marching Band label.

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