Liza Anne – "Bad Vacation"


Liza Anne – "Bad Vacation"

What’s Liza Anne up to? The chameleonic Nashville pop-rocker has been trickling out new songs for months: “Devotion,” “Desire,” and now “Bad Vacation.” It seems like she must be ramping up to a new album, the follow-up to her deeply charming 2018 debut Fine But Dying. No word on a new LP yet, though, just another great new song.

Liza Anne’s latest is a nervy new wave track with some of St. Vincent’s prim-and-proper freakout energy. “I’m in love with this feeling!” she sings, with increasing intensity each time. “Oh my god, are there no ceilings?” The groove is tight and frenetic, the hooks bright and addictive. She also fits in a subtly devastating diss along the way: “You were like sand in my ice cream.” Listen below.

“Bad Vacation” is out now on Arts & Crafts.

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