Magik Markers Announce New Album '2020': Hear "CDROM"


Magik Markers Announce New Album '2020': Hear "CDROM"

Last month, Magik Markers, the psychedelic noise-rock trio from New England, returned from a long hiatus with their EP Isolated From Exterior Time: 2020. It was their first new release in six years. But as it turned out, that was just the beginning. Today, Magik Markers have announced that they’ve got a whole new album, simply called 2020, coming out this fall. They’ve also dropped a new track, and it’s a monster.

The new Magik Markers single is called “CDROM,” and it sprawls out over seven and a half minutes. Over a slow, restless groove, bandleader Elisa Ambrogio deadpans about mushrooms and about a tense astrological reading from a cousin. The music is a deep head-nod groove that splits the difference between Sonic Youth and doom metal. One of the best things about Magik Markers has always been that the band, unlike many of their noise-rock peers, actually rocks, and you really get that on “CDROM.” Listen to the song and check out the 2020 tracklist below.

01 “Surf’s Up”
02 “Find You Ride”
03 “That Dream (Shitty Beach)”
04 “Born Dead”
05 “You Can Find Me”
06 “Hymn For 2020″
07 “Swole Sad Tic”
08 “CDROM”
09 “Quarry (If You Dive)”

2020 is out 10/23 on Drag City.

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