Mourn – "Call You Back"


Mourn – "Call You Back"

Barcelona post-punk band Mourn — once a quartet, now a trio — have returned with “Call You Back,” a serrated, infectiously melodic new single. “Parts of the song talk about the anxiety of phone calls and the emotions around them,” Mourn’s Carla Pérez Vas tells Billboard. “It’s pretty ironic that now we are looking at the phone all day, and everyone is anxious. If I’m not connected, I feel like I should be talking to my friends or family.”

The band was planning a still planning a video shoot when Spain went into lockdown last month, so the track’s accompanying music video uses the now-familiar splitscreen of clips filmed in quarantine. “We had thought about locations like the woods and a pool, or riding bikes, all the time wearing a poker face,” Pérez expalins. “The song is about when around you everything is beautiful, but you have this constant battle going on inside of you.”

Mourn have also covered the Cure’s “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” and shared other “acoustic shit” on Instagram. Listen to “Call You Back” below.

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