Partner – “Big Gay Hands”


Partner – “Big Gay Hands”

Canadian guitar-rock duo and Band To Watch Partner recently announced Never Give Up, the follow-up to their 2017 debut album In Search Of Lost Time. We’ve already heard a few songs from it like “Good Place To Hide (At The Time),” “Hello And Welcome,” and “Rock Is My Rock.” And now we’re hearing another, “Big Gay Hands,” a classic rock-style anthem about big gay hands: “Cause you’re a hottie/ So won’t you take those big gay hands and put em on my body?” As Partner explain:

This song is about a wild night on the town filled with queer desire. It is an important song to us because it expresses a feeling we know is shared by many. There are a lot of songs out there about women’s bodies but this is the only song we know about big gay hands. This song is dedicated to the hotties and to those who love them.

Listen and watch Lesley Marshall’s stop-motion music video featuring hands with painted on clothes and googly eyes below.

Never Give Up is out 11/20 via You’ve Changed. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Lesley Marshall
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