PUP – "A.M. 180" (Grandaddy Cover)


PUP – "A.M. 180" (Grandaddy Cover)

Loving all this Grandaddy nostalgia content lately! I published my own retrospective on the band’s 2000 masterwork The Sophtware Slump back in May, and shortly before that Ryley Walker shared a cover of “The Go In The Go-For-It” from 2003’s Sumday. Now PUP, the pencil-snappingly anxious Toronto pop-punk marauders, have delivered a cover of “A.M. 180,” the standout track from Grandaddy’s 1997 debut album Under The Western Freeway, which you may also know from 28 Days Later.

The track is part of a recent outpouring of non-album material from PUP that also included new single “Anaphylaxis,” Stefan Babcock’s quarantine-penned “Waiting For Something To Happen,” and a jigsaw puzzle that puts a pandemic-appropriate spin on the cover art from last year’s great Morbid Stuff. (They also recorded a cover for our Save Stereogum comp, but you’ll only get access to that if you support the campaign.)

A statement from Pup drummer Zack Mykula:

Grandaddy are one of the unsung hero bands of indie rock. A best kept secret. I mean, forgive me for going ham, but this song is like a lily in an otherwise barren valley. An outstanding piece of songwriting, doing more with less than most any other song of the same caliber. So, that’s why we decided to cover it.

Listen below.

PUP’s “A.M. 180″ cover is out now on Rise Records. Get details on PUP’s upcoming “Quaranzine” here.

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