Regional Justice Center – “Don’t Talk To Me” & “Escape From LA”


Regional Justice Center – “Don’t Talk To Me” & “Escape From LA”

Within the fast, brutalist hardcore subgenre known as power violence, the Los Angeles-based collective Regional Justice Center are one of the most interesting things currently going. Self Defense Family member Ian Shelton, the man behind Regional Justice Center, got the project going as a way to rage about his teenage younger brother being sent to prison for years. The band’s records — 2018’s World Of Inconvenience, last year’s Institution EP — are raw and ugly and majestic in their anger. Today, we get a new Regional Justice Center record, and Shelton has himself a hell of a collaborator.

Justice Tripp is the Baltimore-bred frontman of the bands Trapped Under Ice and Angel Du$t. He’s one of the most charismatic, vital hardcore frontmen to come along this century. On Regional Justice Center’s new two-song EP Regional Jurtice Center, Tripp and Shelton team up, with Tripp doing the vocals and Shelton doing all the instruments. Those two songs rocket by in two minutes, but those two minutes are enough to leave a serious dent in your skull. Listen below.

Shelton also recently debuted another new project — a sort of post-hardcore solo venture called Militarie Gun. He released the Militarie Gun demo a few weeks ago, writing and recording both songs himself during quarantine. I really, really like it. Check that out below.

The Militarie Gun demo is out now on Bandcamp. Regional Jurtice Center is out now on Pop Wig! Records.

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