Retirement Party – "Runaway Dog"


Retirement Party – "Runaway Dog"

The Chicago Band To Watch Retirement Party released their really great debut album, Somewhat Literate, in 2018. Today, they’re announcing its follow-up, Runaway Dog — it’ll be out, digitally at least, in a month — and sharing its title track.

“Runaway Dog,” the song, is locked-in and booming, a new kind of aching epicness for a band who knows how to work themselves into a froth. They slice and sparkle, and Avery Springer uses the loss of a dog to stand-in for the loss of all ambition and drive. “I should rely a little less on success, a little more on divisible time,” she tells herself. “My appetite is not what it used to be/ Moving onward, counting sheep.”

Watch a video for the song below.

01 “Runaway Dog”
02 “Compensation”
03 “Old Age”
04 “Fire Blanket”
05 “No Tide”
06 “I Wonder If They Remember You”
07 “Ebb”
08 “Better Off Now”
09 “Afterthought”
10 “Wild Boyz”

Runaway Dog is out 5/15 via Counter Intuitive Records. Pre-order it here.

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