Ryley Walker – "The Go In The Go For It" (Grandaddy Cover)


Ryley Walker – "The Go In The Go For It" (Grandaddy Cover)

Three years ago, when Grandaddy bassist Kevin Garcia died, Ryley Walker shared the band’s song “The Go In The Go-For-It” on Twitter, writing, “Grandaddy was my favorite band as a kid. Still so much love for them.” Now he’s gone ahead and covered the same song.

Walker tweets about Grandaddy a fair amount, actually. He has called Sumday, the 2003 Grandaddy LP that included “The Go In The Go-For-It,” a “perfect” record and that it “was big for me as a teen who smoked a lot of salvia.” He was covering a Grandaddy song on tour in Europe this past winter, and recently shared an old Grandaddy bootleg. The man loves Grandaddy!

Now comes his solo rendition of “The Go In The Go-For-It.” Hear it below.

Walker has also released a wealth of experimental tracks on Bandcamp in recent months. In April, he shared a collaborative EP with Kendra Amalie called Papaya In A Hound’s Tooth. This week he followed that with one-offs called “Bogging In Funkerdonk” and “Help Protect Our Mountains” and another EP called Mirror Of The Lowlands. All of that is available to stream below.

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