Semisonic – "You’re Not Alone"


Semisonic – "You’re Not Alone"

Semisonic reunited for a handful of shows back in 2017, but the Twin Cities trio went their separate ways following the release of their third album, All About Chemistry, back in 2001 and haven’t released any new music since then. Frontman Dan Wilson became an in-demand pop songwriter, writing for artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, the Chicks (nee Dixie), Weezer, and John Legend; Jacob Slichter wound up writing and book and teaching creative nonfiction; and John Munson kept playing in bands and became involved in public radio.

But last year, Semisonic announced that they were gearing up to release some new tunes, in part thanks to Liam Gallagher, who Wilson tried collaborating with a few years ago and found that all he could get out were songs that sounded like Semisonic songs.

So today Semisonic are releasing their first new material in 19 years, a song called “You’re Not Alone” that will appear on an EP of the same name that’ll be out this fall. “I wrote ‘You’re Not Alone’ a couple of years ago at a time when a lot of people, including me, were feeling isolated and despairing about the state of the world and the direction our country was going. We recorded the song last year and I’m really happy that it’s now coming out,” Wilson said in a press release, continuing:

Coincidentally, the song is coming out when both a global pandemic and racial justice protests are compelling us to reimagine our relationships to each other and the communities we live in. Just as I had hoped when I first wrote it, I hope the song will communicate a sense of connection and comfort, an awareness that we’re not alone.

Listen below.

01 “You’re Not Alone”
02 “All It Would Take”
03 “Basement Tapes”
04 “Don’t Make Up Your Mind”
05 “Lightning”

The You’re Not Alone EP is out 9/18 via Pleasuresonic Recordings/Megaforce Records.

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