Slowthai – “BB (Bodybag)”


Slowthai – “BB (Bodybag)”

The UK rapper Slowthai has never exactly been low on energy, but he’s been on an absolute fucking tear lately. Thus far this week, Slowthai has released the splattery high-energy singles “ENEMY” and “MAGIC.” Today, he’s followed those two up with a third all-caps single, this one called “BB (BODYBAG).” Maybe he’s got an album coming out, or maybe he’s just suddenly exploding with new songs that he can’t wait to throw out into the world. Either way, it’s a good thing.

“BODYBAG (BB)” isn’t quite as furiously intense as “ENEMY” or “MAGIC,” though Slowthai still brings the freaked-out unstable energy and the creatively rendered gun threats: “Sniff cocaine till my eyes go dilate/ I’ma die lit like Dire Straits.” Dom Maker, one half of the exploratory UK dance duo Mount Kimbie, produced the track, and the beat is an eerie, floaty thing. It’s a nice contrast to Slowthai’s wild-hyena voice.

But where “BODYBAG (BB)” really stands out is the video, which is directed by the team known as THE REST. The clip features a whole lot of gruesome violence — guns, knives, ripped-out teeth. We see Slowthai from the inside of someone’s mouth, and from the bottom of a toilet. It’s disturbing, but it’s also energetic and visually inventive. Check it out below.

“BODYBAG (BB)” is out now on the streaming services.

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