The Psychedelic Furs – "Come All Ye Faithful"


The Psychedelic Furs – "Come All Ye Faithful"

Earlier this year, the legendary ’80s alternative group the Psychedelic Furs announced their first album in 29 years, Made Of Rain. (The band has been back together and touring since 2000, but this is the first bit of new music they’ll release since 1991’s World Outside.) So far, we’ve heard a few singles, including “Don’t Believe,” “You’ll Be Mine,” and “No-One.” They’ve been a pretty promising glimpse of what a late-career Psychedelic Furs album could sound like — this new stuff has the same dark glamor these guys long ago perfected.

Today, the band is back with another new one — “Come All Ye Faithful.” Like its predecessors, in some ways “Come All Ye Faithful” feels like the Furs are picking up right where they left off. Stylistically, it kind of feels like something an ’80s alt-rock band would’ve been making around the early or mid-’90s, but without feeling explicitly retro. While the other singles have been grand and expansive, “Come All Ye Faithful” is a bit eerier. It’s got a couple little instrumental tricks, like a high synth whine that sounds like a UFO sound and the band’s trademark sax doing a loungier thing than usual.

Check it out below.

Made Of Rain is out 7/31 via Cooking Vinyl. Pre-order it here.

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