Tory Lanez Released A Whole Album About The Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Story


Tory Lanez Released A Whole Album About The Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Story

The entire saga of Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion continues to get sadder and weirder. In July, Megan Thee Stallion was shot multiple times outside a party at Kylie Jenner’s house. The same night, LA police arrested Tory Lanez on a concealed weapons charge. Witness reports claimed that Tory had shot Megan in the foot after an argument in a car, and Megan eventually confirmed those reports on Instagram Live, directly claiming that Tory had shot her. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Tory had texted Megan hours afterward, apologizing and claiming that he’d been drunk. And now, in the latest development, Tory has released an entire album about the story.

Last night, Tory released a 17-song SoundCloud album called DAYSTAR. The whole thing seems to be a concept LP about the story, and about Tory’s feeling that the music industry has intentionally abandoned him after the shooting. On the album, Tory addresses Megan again and again, sometimes by name. Sometimes, he seems to be begging for her to take him back and professing his love to her: “You can always come back, come home to me.” And sometimes, he’s angrily going after her for accusing him of the shooting.

On opening track “Money Over Fallouts,” for instance, Tory fumes about the whole story: “Gotta see a couple questions: How the fuck you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?” He essentially accuses Megan of snitching: “Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on that affidavit.” He says that her camp is trying to set him up: “Megan people tryna frame me for a shooting/ But them boys ain’t clean enough/ I see how they teaming up, watching and I’m calculating.” And he asks, again and again, why she’d do this to him: “I thought that you was solid, too, but look at how you doing me/ Look at how you doing me, people tryna ruin me/ And what’s even worse is I’m still thinking about you and me/ How you going live my birthday with all your jewelry to try to make some fool of me?”

Elsewhere, Tory repeatedly denies the story of the shooting: “I would never put my hands on a woman, dog/ I would never let it blam on a woman, dog,” “Since the event, you never called me but you can’t deny me/ If you got shot from behind, how can you identify me?” He sings about how Megan is doing him wrong: “We both know what happened/ What happened to passion?”

Tory also complains about “cancel culture” and says that “The Illuminati tryna get me.” He calls out various celebrities who have taken Megan’s side: Kehlani, Chance The Rapper, Bun B, JoJo, JR Smith Asian Da Brat. And he says that he and Megan had been fighting that night because he’d flirted with Kylie Jenner at her party. DAYSTAR is a wild and disturbing work of self-pity and self-destruction. If you would like to investigate for yourself, it’s below.

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