Year Of The Knife – “Manipulation Artist”


Year Of The Knife – “Manipulation Artist”

After releasing the EP collection Ultimate Aggression last year, fresh-faced young Delaware band Year Of The Knife are now getting ready to release Internal Incarceration, their first proper album of gut-pummeling metallic hardcore destructiveness. We’ve already posted the absolutely rabid lead single “Virtual Narcotic,” and now YOTK have let loose with a just-as-punishing new song called “Manipulation Artist.”

Year Of The Knife recorded Internal Incarceration with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou producing, so you know they’re serious about capturing their live onslaught on tape. “Manipulation Artist” is a huge, intense piece of music. The new song draws on death metal in its big-scale riffage and its strangulated vocals, but the juddering groove is pure hardcore. The sludgy breakdown should be a real crowd-pleaser whenever we all get a chance to flail fists at each other again. Check it out below.

Internal Incarceration is out 8/07 on Pure Noise Records.

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