Becky And The Birds Builds Momentum With "Wondering"


Becky And The Birds Builds Momentum With "Wondering"

Becky’s ‘Do U Miss Me’

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Becky And The Birds (or Thea Gustafsson, to her family and friends). The Swedish alt-pop artist/producer relaunched in February with a great single called “Do U Miss Me” and now ups the ante with “Wondering.” In fact, this might be one of the most comforting songs about loss ever written. “We’ve always known that you belong to heaven,” the breakout star sings airily over warm, delicate production. “But still we lost you, we lost you way too soon.”

Becky And The Birds then poses that eternal question on the chorus: “Wondering where you are, what’s it gonna be?” It’s as affecting as it is gorgeous. “I wrote this song after I lost my grandmother, which was the first time that I experienced the death of a loved one,” she reveals. “My grandmother was my best friend and such a light in my life, so losing her was really, really difficult for me. I didn’t know how to deal with the complete emptiness and confusion that I felt. That’s when I wrote this song.”

“I just felt like I had to find different ways of coping, and thinking about the good times and the beautiful memories instead of what could’ve been,” Becky And The Birds continues. “That’s why I’m hoping that this song will reach anyone who’s experienced loss of a loved one. We’ve gotta come together and focus on the good and the beautiful marks that they’ve left in our lives and hearts, cause they will never be taken from us.” Watch the suitably emotional video below.

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