Christian Lalama Is Lovesick On New Single "Knocked Me Off My Feet"


Christian Lalama Is Lovesick On New Single "Knocked Me Off My Feet"

New Find: Christian Lalama’s ‘FrFr’

After first landing on my radar in 2018 with “Tic Toc” and “FrFr,” Christian Lalama has continued to grow into his R&B/pop sound on songs like “Miss Me.” The 16-year-old returns today (April 8) with another genre-bending banger called “Knocked Me Off My Feet.” This time around, the Ontario native is all kinds of lovesick. “Every time I see you, feeling like I need you,” the breakout star sing/raps on an early verse. “‘Cause every time I pull up, we always do the most.” That takes us the cute chorus.

“Baby tell me how you knocked me off my feet, every time you come around me I get weak,” Christian belts. “So sweet but she’s psycho, don’t know why I like you.” The obvious reference points are early Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, which is not a bad thing. What inspired the track? “‘Knocked Me Off My Feet’ is a song about ‘that someone’ who gives out mixed signals,” the newcomer explains in the press release. “They don’t let you get too close and somehow always leave you wanting more.” Listen below.

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